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The Final New Belongings Dissemination Event  New Belongings - A Way Forward for Care Leavers  took place on Friday, 8th July 2016 at City Hall London.  The report will be published shortly. 


Chaired by Baroness Wheeler, member of the New Belongings Steering Group and Rich Rollinson, Chairman of The Care Leavers' Foundation, the event was to showcase the  results and learning from the DfE funded New Belongings Project, which was aimed at improving outcomes for Care Leavers. Around 150 people came from local authorities, charities and other organizations providing services to care leavers including lead members for Social Services, members of Care Leavers Forums and Educators.

The programme for the day included presentations by local authorities from the project on topics such as: preparation for independence; health and well-being; engagement with your care leavers; and raising aspirations in employment, education and training. There were also Q and A sessions with people in leadership positions in local authority teams from the New Belongings project. 

The event also saw the launch of two publications: The Guide to the New Belongings Approach and Methodology and  A Guide to Using Social Media to Engage Your Care Leavers which provide details on the New Belongings project.

The final report of this event is being prepared and will be made available on this website shortly for you to download along with the  presentations delivered at the event. 


The Care Leavers' Foundation wishes to thank The Mayor of London's Peer Outreach Team for their support for this event, the DfE for funding this project, and the 28 Local Authorities who participated.



The Care Leaver’s Foundation launches The Regan Metcalfe Memorial Award 

The Regan Metcalfe Memorial Award was announced by The Care Leavers’ Foundation at the New Belongings Dissemination Event at City Hall London on 8 July 2016. The award was created in honour of Regan Metcalfe who had been an active friend and supporter of the CLF, a panellist on the New Belongings team and a campaigner for improving the lives of care leavers.

The special grant of up to £1000 will be awarded to a care leaver who is using their talents and skills to improve the lives of care leavers who come after them.

For further information on the award or to make a donation to The Care Leavers’ Foundation, please visit:

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Read more about Regan in the Obituary by Janet Rich on The Care Leaver Foundation website: